Platform features

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  • Visualization

    The KIL platform helps you manage your business processes by visualizing your team and applying a sales counter.

    Using a simple interface, you can add members to your marketing team, determine their place in the hierarchy, and visualize the process in the form of a diagram.

  • Users

    You have the opportunity to use the platform together with invited colleagues. To do this, you just need to activate the record about them by sending an invitation to the email.

    The invited person will not see the entire diagram, but only the part that begins with him.

  • Connections

    You can create connections between members of the platform and determine the position in the hierarchy using a simple wizard. All you need is to specify the top member of the platform and configure the necessary parameters.

  • Counter

    The built-in counter allows you to sum the setpoints of all users that stand lower in the hierarchy. This function can be very useful, for example, when calculating the number of sales or referred clients. Counter parameters can be easily set when editing a members's profile.

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